Nifflas & Triple Topping Games
Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:

June 5th 2021


Steam: PC, Mac

Itch.io: PC, Mac



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USD 4.99


Swim, launch and bounce through this meditative floating platformer. A reactive soundscape creates the soundtrack to your exploration through the playful puzzles of Ynglet’s hand drawn levels.

Story and setting

In Ynglet, you play as a jellyfish-like creature. It lives in a floating bubble with its friends. Unfortunately, a comet crashes into its home and the friends are launched across the world. Now, Ynglet has to travel the world to find its lost friends and help them back home.
The story is explained through a short cutscene with no dialog or text. It offers an easy to understand motivation for getting through the levels. Each friend looks and behaves differently, which means there are a lot of fun visuals and interactions possible when trying to help them out of their sticky situations.


  • Algorithmic music
  • Outstanding visual style
  • Challenging, yet relaxed, gameplay
  • Unique puzzles

The team

Ynglet is created by Nicklas Nygren / Nifflas.

Nifflas and Triple Topping are good friends. Nifflas is the creative mastermind and one man army behind the game, while Triple Topping is taking care of all the boring practicalities.

Ynglet was first made as a game jam project from Nifflas and Sara Sandberg, at No More Sweden , it’s been some years, but now the time has come to finish up the game and share it with the rest of the world.
We kindly got support for the release from Indie Fund and The Danish Film Institute Game Scheme.


Rock Paper ShotgunI’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already completely in love with the drawn art style”

Hardcoregamer Top it all of with a unique art style that looks like the entire game was drawn with a fine-tip felt marker and it’s a unique adventure even before taking into account it’s billed as a platformer without platforms.”

Gamereactor “…and now fans can look forward to Ynglet, Nifflas’ brand-new experimental project.”

Destructoid“Ynglet strikes me as a cross between PixelJunk Eden, Hohokum, and Flow, but not in a derivative way. I love every last one of those games. I can already tell I’ll like this too – especially the dynamic music”

Hardcoregamer: “Ynglet lives in an odd semi-abstract world filled with moments of safety floating in a endless void, but with a little skill that’s nothing a determined jellyfish can’t platform its way through.”

Eurogamer:“Reader, Ynglet is a game in which I discovered a secret underground transport network composed of ghostly avocados. Where does it lead? No idea. Ynglet is hard to talk about, then – I keep plinking between metaphors. Cell structure? Ice cubes? Urban transport? – but it is a joy to play. It’s headed to PC and it’s going to be brilliant.”



Ynglet Credits


Triple Topping Games

Nicklas Nygren / Nifflas
Game designer

Astrid Refstrup

Sara Sandberg
2D artist

Simon Stålhandske

Helpful friend





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